Why Swim


Here are 5 great reasons to enroll your child (or children) to learn and enjoy how to swim today:


Safety in and around water


Health Benefits


Social Interaction


impact Free Excercise


Stress Release






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Small child learning water safety


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Water Safety & Confidence for Your Children


Being aware of the dangers and how you can make your child safer are the critical elements in preventing your child from becoming a statistic.


There are on average nearly 10 pool related accidents occurring every day. More than one in four fatal drowning accidents involve children aged 14 and under. For every child who drowns, there are a least 4 others who visit the emergency room for nonfatal submersion injuries.


Swim  School


Seal Pups (infant aquatics) ...starts from 4 months


Preschool/school age program


Adults Lessons


Private Lessons

Survival Express Program






















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