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Learning to swim allows your child to socialise and interact with other children who are at the same swim level, providing another avenue of social development for your child.

We are passionate about getting children and adults of all ages swimming, come on in and join us.

Lauren Robinson, SwimAway Owner

Seal Pups • Infant Aquatics

Seal Pups is a parent and child education program focusing on water safety, independence and confidence.

This program is available to children at the age of 4 months and helps build the foundation blocks to provide children with independent and competent water skills.

There are three stages of development within this program as the child improves they will progress to the next skill-based level.

It has been proven that children who learn these vital swimming skills at a young age benefit through improved water skills. greater independence and will help to enhance further swimming training.

Pre-School & School Age

The SwimAway program provides children with the skills they need to stay safe in and around the water. We have various levels and skills related goals within this program and different skills and techniques are focused on providing your child with the skills they need to enhance their swimming ability.

We offer beginner lessons to give your child the confidence needed and also advanced levels that focus on providing sound swimming skills to enhance your childs swimming techniques.

Each stage of learning has specific development goals, relating to the skill level of the swimmer. Our aim is to offer your child a happy and enjoyable experience in the most efficient way we know how.

+ Adult Lessons

+ Private Lessons

All new clients get to take advantage of our new special offer – the first 4 weeks of swimming lessons for half price!

Lauren Robinson, SwimAway Owner

Are you confident in your childs water safety skills?


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