Why swim with SwimAway?

What are some benefits of swimming with SwimAway?

5 great reasons why learning to swim is important


1. Safety in/around Water

The primary focus of learning how to swim is ensuring your child is safe both in and around water. Teaching your child crucial water safety skills is vital to their wellbeing.

2. Health Benefits

Learning to swim also comes with added health benefits. Swimming provides an excellent source of exercise and fitness with a lower chance of injury.

3. Stress Relief

Swimming is an ideal method of stress relief as it helps your child expend excess energy.

4. Social Interaction

Learning to swim allows your child to socialise and interact with other children who are at the same swim level, providing another avenue of social development for your child.

5. Impact Free Exercise

Swimming is an impact free form of exercise that helps ensure your child engages in a productive form of exercise with a minimal chance of injury.

Our aim is to offer your child a happy and enjoyable experience while progressing them through our skill-based levels.

Lauren Robinson, SwimAway Owner

Water safety statistics

Being aware of the dangers and how you can make your child safer are the critical elements in preventing your child from becoming a statistic.

There are on average nearly 10 pool related accidents occurring every day. More than one in four fatal drowning accidents involve children aged 14 and under. For every child who drowns, there are a least 4 others who visit the emergency room for nonfatal submersion injuries.

Our swim school programs

At SwimAway, we offer a range of swimming programs to suit people of all ages and swimming abilities. Some of our programs include:

Seal Pups (Infant Aquatics)
Preschool/School Age Lessons
Adult Lessons
Private Lessons
Survival Express Progam


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